Rules of Online Casino Keno Games and Bet Types

When it comes to online gambling, Keno is considered to be one of the most popular casino games online. Although the game is regularly said to be quite similar to “Bingo”, Keno stands out among its counterpart due to the number of gameplay choices it provides the player with. Today we take an extensive look at all of the rules in this game, as well as the types of bets a player can make.

How Is Keno Played?

There are 80 numbers in total on a Keno playing card. Rather than purchase cards with randomly generated numbers on them (like in Bingo), players will usually markdown from 2 to 10 numbers on the Keno card.

Once a player has made their selection, they essentially make a bet when they hit “play”. Twenty balls drop, each with their own unique number – should any of them match the ones selected on the card, the player will win. The more numbers a player has managed to guess, the better the reward will be. Depending on the type of Keno game, players will be able to select up to 20 numbers, which is the number of balls that are drawn.

Adding Patterns and Making Multi-Bets

Depending on the Keno game, a player can create more than one selection of ten numbers, and play them simultaneously. Of course, every selection is a separate bet – bear in mind that more selections would mean a better chance of scoring a reward, but it also means that you would have to bet a bigger amount of money in order to play that many selections. Some Keno games allow If a player wants to, they can play one selection of ten numbers, or a few.

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Additional Types of Bets

Although no matter what Keno game you’re playing, straight betting (number selection) will always be made available. Other Keno variants allow wagers such as top and bottom, evens and odds, combination bets, and others.

Top and bottom betting is essentially wagering on whether the majority of balls that come out will appear in the top 40 numbers of the playing card, or the bottom 40. “Evens and Odds” is basically wagering on whether more balls will feature even or odd numbers, and combination bets have to do with the player making a straight selection, and also selecting a few side bets.

What Are the Odds of Guessing a Selection?

The chance of guessing one of the 20 numbers by a ball-draw, is going to be approximately 1 in 86,446. Here is an interesting fact – the odds for not guessing any of the numbers is 1 in 843,380! Guessing 10 out of 20 numbers has odds of 1 in 253,801, which means that the player has a better chance of guessing half of the numbers being drawn, rather than none of them.

Guessing all 20 numbers out of 20 balls has a chance of happening once in 3 quintillion times (that’s a number with 18 zeroes). So far, there hasn’t been a recorded case where a player has managed to make a perfect 20 out of 20 prediction.

Try It and See What Is All the Fuss About

When it comes to “mass lottery”, Keno is considered to be the biggest one. It’s true …

The Rules of Online Casino Craps, and Bet Types

Known also as “Bank Craps”, “Casino Craps”, or “Table Craps”, this dice game is considered to be an “acquired taste” by many gamblers. Although its rules are considered to be somewhat complicated, the amount and types of bets offered provide for an exciting playing experience. Today we will learn about the basic rules of the game itself, and also the types of wagers a player can make.

What Is the Goal of Craps?

The player’s purpose in craps is to successfully bet on a number produced by a dice roll (or a “throw). Casino craps is usually played on a table with a drawn-out layout of all available bets. Some wagers can be made before the first roll of the dice (also known as come out roll), while others can be made after. The way the game progresses will largely depend on the outcome of the dice.

The Initial Bets – Which Ones Are Made at the Beginning

The first bets that are usually made on craps are either on the “pass line” or “don’t pass line”. If a player places a bet on the pass line before the come-out roll, they will need to get a 7 or 11 to win. If the bet is placed on the “don’t pass line”, then the numbers needed for a win will be 2 and 3.

If the initial bet is successful, it is going to be paid out to the player at a rate of 1:1. If a player doesn’t roll 7, 11, 2, 3 or 12, the resulted number from the last throw of the dice will be defined as an “establish point”, and the previously wagered money is going to be automatically placed on that very same number.

When this happens, a player will need to roll that same number before rolling a 7; should they roll a 7, they will lose the wager. After an “establish point” has been made, the player will continue to roll the dice until the number they have placed a bet on is thrown, or a losing number combination claims the bet.

Other Wagers Made After the Come-out Roll

The “come” and “don’t come” bets are the same as the pass and don’t pass ones, with the key difference that they can be placed only after the initial roll. Proposition bets are wagers that can be placed on a single dice roll.

Those can be “Seven”, “Any Craps” or a perfect combination between the dice (such as two 6’s, two 5’s, etc.) – a successful bet on a “natural” (a 7) will pay 4 to 1, while “any craps”, two 5’s and two 2’s will pay 7 to 1. Double 3’s or 4’s will have a payout of 9 to 1, while a roll made of 1 and a 2 or 5 and a 6, have a payout of 15 to 1.

The highest paying proposition bet is one placed on either double 1’s or double 6’s – with a 30 to 1 payout!

Field and Place Bets That Can Be Made on Craps

A field bet covers the following numbers 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. A field bet pays 1:1, with two exceptions – a dice roll of 2 will pay 2:1, and a 12 will have a payout of 3:1! Place bets are individual number wagers that can …

Rules of Online Casino Roulette Games and Types of Bets

The most iconic image that is associated with the casino scene is one that depicts a roulette wheel. This incredibly unique game has been the centrepiece for many casinos when commercial gambling reached its apex, and today holds a special place among casino gamers worldwide. Even players that aren’t fond of the roulette wheel tend to respect the game for its ingenious design. Today, we learn how to play roulette, and what are the right bets to make!

What Is the Roulette Table?

On a roulette table, there are two main sections – the wheel itself, and the bets table. The markings that contain the fields where players can place a bet is referred to as the “roulette layout”. On the layout, players will be able to place wagers on digits (from 1 to 36), even or odd numbers, red or black colours, and columns. Placing a wager on any single numbers is also known as “inside betting” while staking money on any other field is referred to as “outside betting”.

Inside Wagers Are Made Only on Numbers

A straight bet means to place a wager on a single number. The player can choose to place a bet at the border of two numbers, (horizontal or vertical) which will be called “a split”. If the wager is placed on a line connecting three consecutive numbers, the inside bet is called “street”. Betting in the cross-section of four numbers is called a corner bet, and a “six-line” is when a bet is placed on six consecutive numbers.

Outside Wagers Are Considered to Be Lower Risk

Betting either on red or back or odds or evens would give you the best chance of winning (nearly 50%). “Dozens” and “columns” have a success rate of approximately 30%. Although outside bets aren’t as profitable as straight wagers, they can still be used for managing losses – at least to some extent.

The House Edge Will Depend on the Roulette Type

The reason why outside bets don’t have an exact 50% chance of success, is because of the green “zero” pocket. The single “0” is what gives the European version of roulette an edge of approximately 2.7%, which is the lowest when compared to other Roulette game types. The American version of the game features an additional “00” pocket which raises the house edge to 5.26%. The somewhat newly released “Roulette Sands” version, features three zeroes – which raises the house edge to the staggering 7.69%. All players that try to understand how to beat online casino roulette have something in common – they don’t play on any version that has more than one zero on it.

Preparing in Advance Will Always Give You

Many people have tried to figure out how to “hack” online casino roulette, but the truth is that the game uses the same RNG algorithm as the one implemented in slots, table games, and any other instant-play title used by a specific operator. According to the majority of players online, increasing your chances of winning, in the long run, can happen only if you have a good betting strategy. Although roulette as a game is designed to provide the casino with profit, there are still a few cases where gamblers managed to hit it big; however, they did so after knowing when to stop. In addition to knowing the general rules …

Best Online Casino Sites You Can Pay by Phone Bill

Whether players would like to make a few spins on a slot or take a few turns on a blackjack table, all online casino members share the need for convenient banking methods. Although the credit and debit card banking options are widely recognized as the most popular options when it comes to putting money in your casino account, “pay-by-phone” has become quite popular among occasional online gamblers. Sadly, only a handful of online casinos support that method, and today we will see what they are.

Among the First Ones to Offer It Is William Hill

This UK-based online casino is renowned for offering not only a variety of payment services but also being one of the best online gambling venues in the industry. William Hill online casino players will be able to top-up their accounts by charging their deposits straight to their phone bill. Although William hill supports a variety of payment methods, pay-by-phone might not be available for players from specific jurisdictions.

Betfair Casino Also Supports It

Known as a highly popular sportsbook brand, Betfair is also known to offer exceptional online casino games! As an experienced online gambling venue, Betfair recognizes the importance of providing its customers with convenient banking methods, and this is why it is also one of the venues where players can put some money into their accounts by using their own phone bill.

Funding Your Paddy Power Casino Account

Another UK-based online gambling services provider that offers sportsbook markets, Paddy Power features an impressive virtual casino ground that rivals other leading brands in the industry. Similar to the other venues featured here, players will need to use a third-party service provider like Boku, in order to charge their casino deposit to their phone bill.

Some Casinos Directly Support Boku, Others Do Not

Even though some of the casinos here don’t support pay-by-phone methods directly, NETELLER is an e-wallet service provider that makes it possible. Players use Boku or any other pay by phone method, to transfer money to a NETELLER account; after which, they deposit the money in the casino of their choosing. NETELLER started supporting pay by phone services recently, and it turned out to be a huge success among online casino players!

The Companies That Facilitate the Transaction

Arguably the most popular of the bunch, Boku is perhaps one of the first and the most famous companies that started offering deposit by phone services to casino players – but that’s not all. The company itself supports hundreds of mobile casino operators, making it a truly universal “pay-by-phone” method for depositing money.

Payforit is considered by many to be the “new PayPal” of mobile phone technology, and it can be said that they are partially right. Although Payforit has more than a decade of industry experience, they are mainly focused on the UK market, as opposed to Boku that has international coverage. Siru Mobile is another company that has joined the fray, and although the “youngest” among other companies, they are using a simple and direct approach that seems to be quite efficient among online casino players.

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Pay by Phone Is an Ideal Method for the Average Player

Depending on the pay by phone method used by a casino member, they can …